12 months in 2020 will feature 12 unique colorways tied to the Animal Kingdom.

Join us on this safari of scary movies in 2020, through offbeat and colorful hand dyed yarn. 


Clan of Igors 2020:

The Animal Kingdom

It may come as no surprise whatsoever to you that we, at Undercover Otter, really like animals. From tiny little ants to huge hippos, all of them are majestic and magnificent.And sometimes, they are terrifying. Especially in the flicks we've curated for our 2020 line up!Starting out with the ever classic 1933 King Kong in January 2020 and ending it with 2015's Zombeavers in December, we will be covering a plethora of films (good and bad, oh so very, very bad) that cover our furred, carapaced, chitined and scaled friends. 

CritterFlix 2020:

  • January: King Kong (Apes, 1933)
  • February: Them! (Ants, 1954)
  • March: The Deadly Bees (Bees, 1967)
  • April: Night of the Lepus (Bunnies, 1972)
  • May: Jaws (Sharks, 1975)
  • June: The Fly (Flies, 1986)
  • July: Pet Sematary (Cats, 1989)
  • August: Tremors (Worms, 1990)
  • September: Anaconda (Snakes, 1997)
  • October: Black Sheep (Sheep, 2006)
  • November: Birdemic (Birds, 2010)
  • December: Zombeavers (Beavers, 2015)

About the Clan of Igors

Just like the Igors (and Igorinas) of Terry Prachett's Discworld, these colorways are one of a kind, born out of experimentation and will be different every month.

Being part of the Clan of Igors means an exclusive Igor colorway shows up to your doorstep, ready to aid you in your fiber-crafts.

To best cater to our sock, shawl, and garment knitting members, the Clan of Igors colorways are available on 5 different bases; Squirm, Strain, Mighty Merino, Singularity and Mighty Merino DK.

Colorways are revealed publicly at the end of the month. Colorways made in this monthly club are exclusive to the members of the Clan of Igors for 6 months. After this, we might add them to our colorway portfolio.