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January 2019

Inspiration: Frankenstein (1931) - Base shown: Singularity - Colorway Name: Fritz

 Inspiration: Frankenstein (1931) - Base shown: Singularity - Colorway Name: Fritz 

Based on the make-up design Jack Pierce created for the creature and worn by Boris Karloff. 

Karloff endured hours of preperation under Pierce's hand each day, during which time his head was built up with cotton, collodion and gum. Green greasepaint was applied to his face and hands, because on black and white film, this stands out as white. The creature was never meant to be ‘green’, this was just a case of cinematic practicality, making Karloff look as white as a corpse with all blood drained out of him on the black and white film that was used in 1931.

The make-up was kept a secret for the longest time, even from cast members, so the shock would be as genuine as possible. 

The finished product is universally acclaimed, and has since become the commonly accepted visual representation of Mary Shelley's creation.