About Undercover Otter

The Clan of Igors is the yarn club dyed on a monthly base by Undercover Otter, an indie yarn and fiber company from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our yarn is characterized by saturated colors and strange names. When dyeing we experiment with different methods to get to the end result we want a colorway to reach. That means that the resulting colorway can have up to 6 layers of dye, in a multitude of techniques.

Unconventional Names

Our big love, next to fiber, is horror and science fiction. So it was a logical step for us to link all of the yarn and fibers we make to those genres. The end result is strangely named colorways like ‘Your Mother Darns Socks in Hell’. We get our inspiration from classic horror movies, modern gore-fests and post-apocalyptic science fiction.


From the start we wanted to build our brand up with love and respect for the animals (and plants) that provide us with materials to do our crafty magic. This means that all yarn and fibers we sell are OEKO-TEX® Class I certified and / or sourced from non-mulesing breeders.

We mostly use acid dyes and whatever is left after a dye session gets filtered out of the water as much as possible before re-using the water (about 80% of all water we use is filtered and re-used). Whatever water we do have to throw out gets another filtering and is neutralized before we dispose of it.